Gay Elvis



"My relationship with music started in very early childhood and thankfully with the beatles...some of my earliest memories are my father playing his acoustic guitar and singing rocky raccoon to me...i don't know if this is the first song i ever sang, but there is a casette tape out there of me as a three year old singing got to get you into my life...although if i had to venture a guess, it's more likely that my first song was itsy bitsy spider or some shit like that."

"The first instrument i touched was the, "pot", i tried to play it like a guitar and needless to say the sounds of fingernails were somewhat less than musical is...i guess what this means to me is that the pot makes a poor substitute for a guitar at best and listening back to my earliest recorded works, my mother is a terrible engineer."

"Although paul is the main songwriter of the group, it's a very collaborative effort. paul will come in to the practice space with a shell of a song or an idea and as a band we develop it. each one of us has our own particular style or ideas that in the end makes the song sound like a readymade tune. when things are going too smoothly, i'll just disagree for the sake of disagreeing...there's no walks in the park when you're in a band with my cranky ass."

"Apart from playing the bass and singing backups (like an angel), i'd consider myself the band mom...i book the shows, i handle a good chunk of the administrative end of things, i make sure the boys have packed enough clean underwear and nutritious snacks on the road, etc...i guess like in a marriage, behind every good band is a good woman and i like to consider myself that good woman."