"I saw Hard to Hold (Rick Springfield movie)...he was bad ass. First instrument was a the guitar, desperately wanted to be the guy from Huey Lewis, the way he dressed in Jacobs Ladder video killed me. I could picture myself 5 years later playing solos dressed like that. Never did cause I wanted to play guitar left handed, couldn't figure it out...so I learned drums left handed instead."

"I want the new albun to be called "Tres" but not getting an eyebrow raised, shit. Hopefully this record finally captures each of us, that makes that readymadesound.

"First song I played was Open Arms, next Dream On. First time I felt (thought) I was on fire was Just Like Heaven, The Cure. It was over for me once I played Don't Go Away Mad. I opened the shades and would play for cars driving by, acting like I didn't want them to see me."

"Really what I'm working on is new material for the stand up I try and deliver in the van. I don't necessarily think I'm funny but I think they enjoy watching me sway. Need new gags too. There's an on-going theme of arena rock even if we only play pubs."

"We're all happy to see each other still, spend alot of time just talking. Then we start writing. Elvis plays bass solos and says "no" alot. Spice, do this "pumf pumf kick....pumf pumf kick" ...and he's usually right."